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Battlepets: Avalar

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BattlePets: Avalar is the sequel to the smash hit BattlePets, which has been downloaded over 500,000 times since it was released!

BattlePets: Avalar is better than the original, with 50 all new BattlePets created by Bob Cooksey, 49 magic powers, and a better, more interesting story. Much like Pokemon, the players explore dark caves and haunted castles, battling wild BattlePets and training their own.


Design Notes
After Battlepets was made and published, I got to talking with Bob Cooksey, a friend and a great artist. He LOVED making wacky monster designs, and when I saw some of what he'd done, I flipped. I also had new special effects in my 2D graphics engine, so I decided to combine them with Bob's distinctive monsters, and Avalar was born.


  • Hours of fun catching, training, and battling cute creatures
  • Start out with just one BattlePet, but can catch as many as five at a time
  • Great artwork by Bob Cooksey
  • Six evil tyrants
  • 50 BattlePets
  • 49 Unique magic spells
  • Fun sounds
  • Built-in help system
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Translucency blitting
  • Super-fast particle system
  • Isometric 3D mazes
  • Windows 95/98 DirectX for super-smooth animation
  • 640x480, 16-bit color screens
  • Family-friendly game for children of all ages!


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