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GunRaven is intense top-scrolling arcade action for the PC, using a high-res screen and hardware acceleration to achieve amazing effects. Made especially for DirectX-enabled machines, GunRaven offers hours of traditional addictive fun wrapped in a completely new and updated package, with outstanding graphics, bone-rattling sounds, and a thumping soundtrack!

You are a captain of the Empire, using your powerful fighter to crush the rebellion and destroy dirty alien scum. Put down the Krite and their clumsy industry ships. Explore the Flame Nebula, fighting off the enigmatic aliens that infest it. Bring Count Contarro and the Deep Belt miners to their knees. Crush the Pic'arok slave rebellion.

Unlike most shooters, each mission in GunRaven unlocks two more, allowing you to choose which mission you want to attempt next. Finish entire sectors to unlock new, more powerful player ships. Unlock all 28 player ships and use them to destroy sixteen different alien fleets in 128 unique missions.

128 missions
16 sectors
48 unique bosses
96 unique enemies
28 ships to unlock
unlimited brain melting
fist pumping gotta
play just one more
mission satisfaction

Design Notes
I've done a lot of 3D, hardware accelerated stuff (though you wouldn't know it from looking at this website), so I'm not afraid of the technology. A project I was working on with a buddy turned out to streamline the 2D hardware accelerated stuff that would make a cutting-edge shooter, so I began thinking about that.

Then I bought Burnout 3 for the XBox, an amazingly fun game (I'd enjoyed the previous versions, too). It had a meta-game that was VERY compelling, combining an unlocking scheme that rewarded the player as often as possible with racing that obeyed the Law of Small Jobs. I knew I could apply the same meta-game to the traditional top-scrolling shooter genre, and GunRaven was born.


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